4 franchise opportunities for people who love to work with children

One of the biggest reasons that people start their own business is independence. Entrepreneurs love the freedom of running their own enterprise and the challenge that it brings. However, for those who want to work with children, starting a business doesn’t always feel like an option. Teaching often feels like the only viable career path, and many people turn to it just so they can work with young people and help make a difference in their lives. But there are ways to have your own business and build a career around working with children, and franchising is one of them.

Why franchising is the gateway to your dream career
There are many benefits to running a franchise business. Franchisees stake their claim on a proven and successful business model and a strong brand, and they receive business and marketing support from the franchisor. These benefits reduce the inherent risks of starting a business. Your passion for working with children shouldn’t hold you back, nor should it keep you in the classroom. Here are four franchise businesses that enable you to make a difference in children’s lives outside of traditional teaching:
1.      Learning centres
Becoming a tutor and running a learning centre is an excellent way to maintain the joy of working with children while enjoying the perks of being a business owner. Learning centres complement and reinforce classroom learning, dramatically improving outcomes. As a result, the UK private tuition market is experiencing strong growth. Tutors have a level of freedom that teachers do not, and they can teach the National Curriculum their own way using high quality learning materials. As a franchisee you get access to a proven business model and the expertise of a franchisor who can support you, and you get to make a tangible difference in children’s lives. Read more about starting your own education business here.
2.      Childcare businesses
There’s more to education franchising than tutoring agencies and learning centres. Childcare businesses are another great option for budding entrepreneurs who want to work with children. Whether it is afterschool or day care, it’s possible to run a childcare business from home or from a non-domestic premises. This is a relatively cheap franchising option, particularly if you operate from your home, but you will need to factor in some start-up costs and registration requirements. Those looking after children under eight for more than two hours must register with the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).
3.      Extracurricular activity instructor
If teaching or childcare aren’t really your forte, don’t worry. Helping children’s development is not just an exercise in academia. An American study found that pupils who participated in extracurricular activities from year nine to sixth form perform better both academically and socially. So why not become an extracurricular activity instructor? There is a relatively low barrier to entry in this market; all you really need is a proficiency in your chosen activity and, in some cases, coaching qualifications. You could open a sports club, host dance classes or run arts and crafts sessions. There are franchise businesses for all of these activities and more.
4.      Children’s entertainment
For those with more creative aspirations, there are opportunities to join a children’s entertainment franchise. You could plan children’s parties or, if you’re feeling brave, perform at them! There are even businesses like ‘Build-a-Buddy’ parties, where each party guest gets to make and take home their own stuffed toy. If you have that creative spark and some previous entertainment or event planning experience, this kind of franchise is perfect. It is a great example of taking your passion and making it your business.
Pick the path that’s right for you
We spend an enormous amount of time on our careers, in many ways they define us. When we talk about our jobs we say ‘I am’, it’s ingrained in our identity. So with something so prevalent in our lives, it’s important to be passionate about it. There are many ways to work with children, whether you are a tutor, childminder, activities instructor or an entertainer. Franchising makes this easier and improves your likelihood of success. Choosing the right franchising option can be as much an examination of yourself as it is of the business opportunity. Take into account your interests, goals and skills to make sure the franchise is compatible with your vision. If you do, you’ll be starting down a rewarding path to business and career success.